Book Review: #UNTITLED by creative director Blaine Hogan

#UNTITLED Thoughts on the creative process. By Blaine Hogan.

I’ve been following Blaine on his blog and on Twitter over the past year or so. He’s the creative director at Willow Creek Community Church, has helped with the STORY conference and has some awesomeness going on. I’ve been curious about his book since he announced he was working on it, and was excited to get a copy.

I expected it to be good, to learn something from it and write a solid review. I started it, and found him expressing thoughts that kind of jump around in my head that I couldn’t figure out why I thought them or how to say them. At first I thought, these are great quotes, I’m going to copy of few of these. I kept copying.

As the book progressed I found myself actually being inspired and “fueled”, if that’s the right word, to begin creating more. Blaine does a great job in practical insight to creative work, but also giving a credible insight into philosophy behind it, overcoming fears and failures and casting a vision to the value of creative work.

Here are a few quotables:

“…don’t sell more than you’re willing to do the work.”

“The only expectation when creating should be to do the work that is in front of you. Now.”

“Most, if not all, creativity is born out of perspiration rather than inspiration.”

“When I’m telling a story, my goal is to keep the audience guessing.”

“Without constraints, nothing grows – in me, or the art.”

“We aren’t getting paid to come up with ideas, we’re being paid to execute.”

“This work of creating is hard. Plain and simple. I hate to break it to you, friends, but art is work!”

“As artists we must work to find our center and keep it both holy and wholly.”

“You must understand that your art is not just what you make, but also how you make it. Your art isn’t just the “what” of the end-result, but is also “how” you got there.”

“The medium must always be in service to the content. Always. Always. Always. The medium’s job is to serve the story. Not the other way around.”

“You are not a salesman, you are a storyteller.”

I highly recommend this book.

#UNTITLED Thoughts on the creative process. By Blaine Hogan.
Purchase it here on Amazon.

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