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Johnny Cash on Really Living


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Living Creatively vs Just Getting By

Photo courtesy of In college I was king of getting by. By the time the first test came in a class that I didn’t care about, I could figure out how few hours I needed to study to get … Continue reading

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Joy’s Art – Compassion

Artwork my wife Joy made based on the idea of “clothing yourselves with compassion”. (Click for larger view)

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Calvin and Hobbes on Success

Totally dig this.

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Mundane Mondays

(obviously written on Monday night…and published late) Today was Monday. It was a good Monday. I’ve jumped from part-time church work and freelance design to a full-time marketing/design job. Life’s good. Life’s comfortable. Life could also easily just stay comfortable … Continue reading

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How Star Wars Changed My Life

Nerd alert. I remember watching Star Wars for the first time. I was in the Wilson’s basement as my parents were hanging out upstairs and it happened to be on tv. I was taken up into a world of adventure, … Continue reading

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One of the Best Days Ever

I have a fairly short list of best days ever. My wedding day, births of my kids, getting engaged, and the theater release of Star Wars Phanton Menace all top the list. Along with those, in a kind of unassuming … Continue reading

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