Making Life A Creative Project

I’m a “professional creative”, whatever that means.
Graphic design, marketing and “brainstorming” all seem to go with it.
I love working on creative projects – things like songwriting, video, and blogging. I totally heart rounded drop shadows (if you don’t know, don’t ask – it’s a nerd thing). I totally dig it.

Yet, as I started to look around, I realized that in the middle of all these fun, creative projects, my daily life was surprisingly…uncreative.

Which got me thinking…I’d to make my life a creative project.

I’m trying to figure out what that even means, and in the process of writing a book about it.

What about you? Does making life more creative interest you?
Leave a comment, tweet or drop me a line – I’d like to hear about it.

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4 Responses to Making Life A Creative Project

  1. Jason Davis says:

    Jeremy, u know that tediuos time in a project where u fuss over a font or effect? Multiply that over a lifetime, because a creative life takes a whole lifetime to see concluded. I am speaking at a funeral today for a very Godly woman. The final project of her life revieled how everyday loving, teaching, correcting, etc. Worked to shape the final product of her life: a family of children, grandchildren, and extended family that know the Lord and live an extravegant life of love and worship. Don’t get too worried about a few quiet or “boring” times in ur life. It is probably some of those tedious times that will result in the greatest fruit of the project of ur life! 🙂

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