One of the Best Days Ever

I have a fairly short list of best days ever. My wedding day, births of my kids, getting engaged, and the theater release of Star Wars Phanton Menace all top the list.

Along with those, in a kind of unassuming way was the night of worship concert last August.

That night represented the fulfillment of a dream that many of us had and had been working towards for quite a while. From some pretty intense circumstances came a dream of building a church, and no one knew if it would work or not. As over 800 people poured into the Henderson Fine Arts Center that night, there was an energy and momentum that I don’t think I’d ever experienced before.

It was full of music, lights, art and 800 people shouting, singing and wondering what God had in store for us all. That night confirmed for many of us that we were starting on an incredible ride.

I can’t wait for the second one

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