How Star Wars Changed My Life

Nerd alert. I remember watching Star Wars for the first time. I was in the Wilson’s basement as my parents were hanging out upstairs and it happened to be on tv. I was taken up into a world of adventure, space travel and imagination. I remember watching Luke Skywalker fly down the Death Star, watching it explode and being so excited that I wanted to jump up and down on the chair. The music, the visuals and the action were marked into my psyche.

Something about the amazing sets and visuals and imagination continued to interest me as I got older. I got books from the library on the artwork, behind-the-scenes, even novels set around the Star wars worlds. Unfortunately for my coolness, I never outgrew it. This could be one reason I didn’t date much, either.

In college, I listened to the soundtrack as I drew, designed or did creative projects. I even wrote songs about it like this: (co-writing kudos to Kevan Cyka)

It stirred in me a joy of creating. George Lucas took my places I wanted to go. I didn’t just want to visit, though. I wanted to create those places. I wanted to create magical worlds myself. Places of adventure, imagination and creativity.

Now, as I’m trying to make life a creative project, the joy of creating actually continues to grow. What if I put those ideas of adventure, imagination and creativity into everyday life and into my home? What if we created a place where we were inspired to be more creative?

That’s kind of what I hope this blog could be.

What things inspired you as a kid?

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4 Responses to How Star Wars Changed My Life

  1. Brian Notess says:

    You totally stole my post idea.

  2. Sorry. You should do a better one and claim that I had a mole and stole your idea.

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