Living Creatively vs Just Getting By

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In college I was king of getting by.
By the time the first test came in a class that I didn’t care about, I could figure out how few hours I needed to study to get a B. And that’s what I did – I got by.

With the mounting of responsibilities that adulthood seems to enjoy piling on each year, you kind of figure out the bare minimum you need to do to get by in your marriage and daily life. If you help with the kids, work 8 hours and help cook dinner now and then, she won’t get mad at you. If you take care of the kids, keep the house up, work a couple days a week and let him play golf on Saturdays, he isn’t as grouchy with you. While those things can be ok, it’s easy to let that be where it ends.

But the problem with just getting by in marriage, or in life, is that you know there’s more. And it feels like you’re cheating yourself and others if you’re not really trying.

As I’m exploring the idea of making life a creative project, I want to move from just getting by to living creatively.

Is there anything that you’ve found helps you move past just getting by?

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