Mundane Mondays

(obviously written on Monday night…and published late)
Today was Monday. It was a good Monday. I’ve jumped from part-time church work and freelance design to a full-time marketing/design job. Life’s good. Life’s comfortable. Life could also easily just stay comfortable and become…mundane.

By mundane, I don’t mean boring or routine or unimpressive. More like stagnant. Without growth. A rut. Uncreative.

I could live a long life, be a good guy, love my family and still be mundane. I could keep showing up at my job, work hard, go home and be stagnant.

I heard one speaker say “Life can beat the audacity out of you”…I think it can beat the creativity out of you too.

I sure don’t want it to, though.

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How Star Wars Changed My Life

Nerd alert. I remember watching Star Wars for the first time. I was in the Wilson’s basement as my parents were hanging out upstairs and it happened to be on tv. I was taken up into a world of adventure, space travel and imagination. I remember watching Luke Skywalker fly down the Death Star, watching it explode and being so excited that I wanted to jump up and down on the chair. The music, the visuals and the action were marked into my psyche.
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One of the Best Days Ever

I have a fairly short list of best days ever. My wedding day, births of my kids, getting engaged, and the theater release of Star Wars Phanton Menace all top the list.

Along with those, in a kind of unassuming way was the night of worship concert last August.
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Book Review – 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo

Friend:“Oh, you have a blog? What do you blog about?”

You: “I blog about you. I write every thought down I’ve ever had about you and I critique all of our conversations. If you were smart, you’d have a restraining order in place that would make this conversation illegal.”

What are the chances of this friend checking out your blog? 100%. In fact, they’d probably pull up your blog on the first computer they could find and call the cops on you (and not necessarily in that order).


If you dig that tasty tidbit from the book, check out Bryan Allain‘s 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo.
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Pallette Furniture – The Cheeky Chair

My friend Mark made this chair (aka “the Cheeky Chair”) out of shipping pallettes. This makes me wish I was cool.

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I Don’t Read…OK, Yes I Do

I have to confess…I now follow Mainly because of cool things like this moss graffiti. Learn more here.
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Making Life A Creative Project

I’m a “professional creative”, whatever that means.
Graphic design, marketing and “brainstorming” all seem to go with it.
I love working on creative projects – things like songwriting, video, and blogging. I totally heart rounded drop shadows (if you don’t know, don’t ask – it’s a nerd thing). I totally dig it.

Yet, as I started to look around, I realized that in the middle of all these fun, creative projects, my daily life was surprisingly…uncreative.

Which got me thinking…I’d to make my life a creative project.
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